Pierre Bouchat

Pierre Bouchat

Phd Student

Phd Student in Psychological Sciences, Université libre de Bruxelles, 2014 –now.

  • Collective Memories
  • Social Representations
  • WWI
  • Van der Linden, N., Leys, C., Klein, O., & Bouchat, P. (in press). Are attitudes toward peace and war the two sides of the same coin? Evidence to the contrary from a French validation of the Attitudes Toward Peace and War Scale. PloS one.
  • Klein, O., Bouchat, P., Azzi, A., & Luminet, O. (in press). Do Dutch-speakers and French-speakers really disagree? A longitudinal study of adhesion to justice principles in the context of the Belgian linguistic conflict. Psychologica Belgica.
  • Bouchat, P., Licata, L., Rosoux, V., Allesch, C., Ammerer, H., Bovina, A., … Klein, O. (2017). A Century of Victimhood: Antecedents and Current Impacts of Perceived Suffering in World War I Across Europe. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47, 195-208.
  • Bouchat, P., Klein, O., &  Rosoux, V. (2016). L’impact paradoxal des commémorations de la Grande Guerre. Matériaux pour l’Histoire de Notre Temps, 121-122, ­26-31.
  • Jaumain, S., Jourdain, V., Amara, M., Benvindo, B., Bouchat, P., Bousmar, E., … Vaesen, J. (2016). BSI synopsis. The traces of World War I in Brussels. Brussels Studies, 102, 1-24.
  • Rimé, B., Bouchat, P., Klein, O., & Licata, L. (2015). When collective memories of victimhood fade: Generational evolution of intergroup attitudes and political aspirations in Belgium. European journal of social psychology, 45(4), 515-532.


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