Maartje Mulders

Maartje Mulders

Phd Student

VWO. Bernardinus College Heerlen (2001-2008) – ‘Natuur & Gezondheid’ (nature & health) focus.Graduated high school with the following courses: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, French, English, Dutch, Music. Graduated with a GPA of 7.5

BSc. University College Maastricht (2008-2012) – Major in Psychology and Medical Biology. As my Bachelor Thesis I did my own research on “Gender and Age Difference in Attention: A Cross-Sectional Study in Healthy Children, Young Adolescents and Adults”. Graduated with a GPA of 7-7.5.

MScRes. Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (2012-2014) – Psychopathology track. Graduated with a GPA of 7.4.

PhD Candidate (2014 – current) – as part of the Food4Gut, psychology team.With a focus on obesity, food claims, food labels and colic nutriments.

  • Eating disorders
  • food claims
  • health claims
  • consumer behaviour
  • food marketing


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Presenting, it’s a skill! 1.5 Hours 13 November 2018
Departmental Seminar – Maartje Mulders 2 Hours 30 May 2017
Departement Seminar – Maartje Mulders 0.5 Hours 9 June 2015


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