Simona Lastrego

Simona Lastrego

Phd student


Research interests

  • Collective memories
  • Intergroup relations
  • Group im/morality


  • Lastrego, S., & Licata, L. (2010). “Should a country’s leaders apologize for its past misdeeds?” An analysis of the effects of both public apologies from a Belgian official and perception of Congolese victims’ continued suffering on Belgians’ representations of colonial action, support for reparation, and attitudes towards the Congolese. Revista de Psicología Social, 25 (1), 61-72.
  • Muller, D., Fayant, M.P., & Lastrego, S. (2013). Evaluation et Comparaison Sociale. Dans, Butera, F., Busch, C., & Darnon, C. (Eds), Menaces dans l’Evaluation, Presses Universitaires de France.
  • De Guissmé, L., Lastrego, S., Licata, L., & Mélotte, P. (In Press). Attitudes towards World War II collaboration in Belgium: Effects of political positioning towards the amnesty issue in the two linguistic communities. Psychologica Belgica.
  • Licata, L., Khan, S. S., Lastrego, S., Cabecinhas, R., Valentim, J.P., & Liu, J. (In Press). Social representations of colonialism in Africa and in Europe: Structure and relevance for contemporary intergroup relations. International Journal of Intercultural Relations.


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