New project: the Socio-Cognitive Impact of Literacy

New project: the Socio-Cognitive Impact of Literacy

The project “Socio-Cognitive Impact of Literacy” (SoCOIL), lead by Régine Kolinsky and Olivier Klein, kicked off with its first meeting earlier this month!

Throughout this collaboration between the UNESCOG (CRCN) and the CeSCuP, three doctoral candidates and one post-doctoral researcher will work together to find out whether improving reading and writing skills will also help in developing critical thinking skills when confronted with new information.
The project is particularly timely as so-called “media literacy”, or the capacity to critically appraise news stories, has become a major issue in today’s society.

The new CRCN members working on the SoCOIL project are Meghane Tossonian (Postdoc), Sabina Rautu (PhD candidate funded by the UNI grant) and Julia Justino (PhD candidate). Camila Arnal (PhD candidate at the CeSCuP) will focus on the social-psychological aspects.
The five-year project is supported by an Advanced Concerted Research Actions grant provided by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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